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beginning to see the surface

November 12, 2015

I have never been a surface kind of person


and yet I have lived in a world of


people who only see the surface

at first when I was young

I naturally thought

people were like me

like nonsuperficial

no hype

but as I have grown

I have learned that

people who only see the surface

will continue to do so

unless they have a meltdown

its not unlike

a nuclear reactor

because in the case of a nuclear reactor

meltdown means a core meltdown

it gets HOT

there are toxic chemicals released into

the atmosphere

not so good

for people in close range

it does not have to occur in that way

what do I mean?

humanity- meltdown

I can be physical, emotional or mental but somehow

I think they are all connected not concrete

like nuclear reactors

and so meltdowns can facilitate or even ramp up change

or they can just be superficially


and to the messed up people honoring Hanford as a monument

you are convoluted



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