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eat dirt

November 28, 2015

terrorism alert

not safer

or maybe its them

the game changer

police get more power

visa vie  9/11

no redo then

francaise same

when police get power

money tanks in usa

one sees the result now

in france the same building of   police

it will never go back

honey it does  go  back

its a red0 of people in the streets

people getting arrested

black panther style still

being killed in the same manner

still this has been almost 50 years in streets

for some people a lifetime

and people don’t have a clue

I do and that is what matters

that I am alive

have a voice and a body

according to guardian

last count of police killings in usa

is over 1030

this is the most accurate due to police lacking data

feds the same

so go figure yourself

I do







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