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weapons of mass instruction

December 3, 2015

what would the world be like if

-people learned to treat one another with respect

regardless of color or gender or class

-there were no guns, weapons, tanks, bombs or whatever used to destroy not only people but land plants and animals

-people allowed themselves to feel and others allowed this and so not building up emotions that become explosive and volatile to others

-people who have been hurt in anyway receive justice for

themselves and their injuries

-“the media” stopped spreading lies and hate

-culture and society had a pause and looked deeply

into the reason of traditions and territorialism

-people were not punished for who they are what they believe

or nonviolent behaviors

-people open up and become the leaders and the people they are looking for

instead of being followers

there is a lot to learn but I don’t see many learning these days

I grew up in the lies and the hate and continue to hear same

yet I have learned better

I guess maybe that is all I can hope for

and an aside babies  like pictures because when I post without

aint not so much response

go figure babies








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