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December 6, 2015

is not the easiest thing in the world


one is able to  get time off  to birth

and after birthing

has support

people I know think this is a given

think twice babies

is there a spouse or man

taking responsibility


many don’t have and even if so

it is a challenge that rests mostly

with women

the white male patriarchy as such

has never taken responsibility

for parenting or for ensuring that children

are cared for as a governing body

few mostly

there are changes now for white elite males

in terms of leave but

what about the rest

what about the cost of childcare


feeding children

what about single women

who make less because of gender

and no support

then what

the powers that be must

be living in a magical world

where all babies born are cared for as it ought to be

that is the lie

and so when women choose to not have children

ie contraception or abortion

it is being denied by a system

that does not recognize the complexities

of raising children and supporting them economically

and otherwise

blind people will never see

but women will do what they have to do as they have always done

why do you think women are self aborting babies in texas

why do you think a baby was left in a manger in ny

no penalty- why should there be

church people can spew rhetoric–

blind I say

it takes 2 to conceive

where are the dicks in this–men are attached to them

who rapes

by the way I have had 1 abortion and 2 babies

now grown and thriving

get a grip





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