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people who demand

December 11, 2015

I kinda grew up with demanding people

I learned to walk on eggshells

I did what I wanted in my free time

I did not let that deter me

I have been a rebel and always will be

otherwise I am a slave to the eggshells

and not free

I continue to experience this in the greater

world as my work takes me there

and I am learning where people have to control

where I am allowing this is

some people when given the control

settle down and relax

others don’t and will never

give up the ship

they cant give it up

because of whatever

this is not my problem or concern

yet it is because my work entails this

they want the control

but not the responsibility

and want me to take responsibility

because of their issues of control and lack there of

sorry babies

I have boundaries

not a slave to the lack of control and lack of  boundaries

that is your life

what makes you want to control mine

I will give it back to you

for Christmas

eggshells are for soil to grow roses and nothing else





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