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only human

December 14, 2015

listening to Christina perri song that I cant post

because of her standing in herself

I respect

sometimes I think the human element is

is lost these days in this world

like  we have to be robots

operate without feelings of anger sorrow


even fatigue

though white men are allowed to be angry but not feel

sorrow or fatigue

and all others are not supposed to be angry

what happened

personally I don’t go down that road anymore

with myself or you

technology has a way

of dehumanizing the human spirit

and as the world spins faster

I find myself letting go of people

who shame

fake smiles

talk shit

talk a lot but don’t say anything

and talk a good game

but don’t walk it

i’m only human

and I plan to make the most of it

this is not a dress rehearsal babies






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