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baby steps

December 15, 2015

I can say I am grateful to witness and be a part of

the changes that are happening now

though growing up in the 60s and 70s

I thought that change would happen then

like radical change (the word radical is loaded these days)

so many potent leaders then

it does not happen like that

there are changes i see now that

I think are sustainable

women are becoming more visible

asking important questions and taking power

there is still disparity between white and color

but I truly believe there can be alliance

with conversation

I realize my privilege as white

and honor the women who are black lives matter

times now remind me of past times

but hopefully we as a people, at least womenfolk

are growing and changing

never mind the outside constructs

of governing

it is grass roots now as it was before

and will be

change does not happen from the top down

the trickle down theory

it happens from the people

and I believe this is a  potent time

ripe with challenges that can shift

the world in terms of womens lives

and in that the lives of all

because women are the ones

who are doing this now and whose lives are

affected most

we as womenfolk have some things in common

especially in the current climate

men as allies always welcome









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