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i want a new drug

December 16, 2015

there is another way

tell you vision talks about a lot

of pharmacy intended to sell you drugs

many are very expensive and may be

a sham due to the revolving door of fda cdc

and corporate

antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria

evolve from over prescription of antiobiotics and such

yet people demand this

I see it in my work

people see something or experience something and say

omg I need medicine

I need antibiotics or whatever

I am trying to have patience with the ignorance

of people who really only want to be well

antibiotics don’t help colds, flu or other viruses

people think so

and healthcare providers succumb to the wishes of

the people who come to them for help

it is a dilemma for me because I work

with people so in the game of this

like ok I will try and give you a medicine to fix

when in reality it may not be needed

I personally have not used synthetic drugs

for over 30 years as a rule

I have tried it once or twice when desperate but never effective

I have taken an ibuprofen or Tylenol

when needed but not a steady diet

and this is part of my work dilemma

I use essential oils, try and eat good foods

I rest when I need to

I used to get massage regularly but fell off the


getting back on

I realize most people don’t have the knowledge and

the luxury I have of self care

most people are just trying to make a living

and support their families

take care of their children

I get it

but I think there has to be another way

for people to heal other than synthetics

that are expensive

plants and the oils in the long run are so much

less expensive and are less toxic on people


at least I know people I work with are into

this more which is surprising to me

and in this there is hope that it will spread

and I hope good food will be less expensive for people and  I hope work

standards will change in terms of leave for people being ill   or pregnant

there is a shift required a big shift in mind of what healthcare  and what

health really is

peace in healing to all of us



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