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December 17, 2015

its good to share and so I will share some simple

and inexpensive ways I know

ice- is great for sprains, strains, headaches usually for something

that is acute lets say just something that just happened

heat- is useful for after the acute phase like something happened 2-3 days ago baths hot packs hot water bottles like your grandma used to use such as a sprain,  or muscle tension from stress

ice and heat – I use this combination to promote circulation again with above physical conditions  15 minutes on for each alternating

mud- is the best for inflammation like bee stings or other inflammatory skin conditions

Epsom salts- great for muscle fatigue soreness inflammation- I like it in a bath

steam- I guess the current thinking is cold steam and  there are devices for this  but I use hot steam for respiratory congestion fill a water kettle to steam let 5 minutes pour into a bowl  and grab a towel put bowl in front of face but not too close and cover head with towel breathe deeply

garlic-antiviral antibacterial antifungal anti inflammatory  eat it  or make a poultice

ginger-anti nausea  digestive promotes circulation  teas  are good  good to eat with food  or make a poultice  candy ginger is yummy

there are many ideas out there  our grandmothers used whatever at their disposal before antibiotics and other pharmacy medications



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