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people who go into foreign lands

December 21, 2015

I am familiar AID and other govt  or  USA, missionary

it is imposing ones culture and knowledge religion

on another.

and people who do are happy

not unlike people who imposed upon

the people on this continent America north  are of are same history

missionaries,  conquistadors

imperialism looks like AID , UN and  other now

I cannot abide by continuing imperialism

looking like AID or UN unless the people ask

oh so impoverished and war outside

has to intervene

I cannot abide by film makers trying to go to continents

or countries and

get a story they don’t get that is biased

from their pov and it always is

there is no unbiased story

there is always a story to be told

people who film are biased because

its about them

some I know

its bullshit

for money

others risk their lives

still its imperialism

journalism et al

happens from the inside

not the outside

my pov





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