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community organisers and or activists

December 25, 2015

their intentions are good mostly

their hearts are good mostly

but I have seen some not

I was working as a paid intern $75 week

doing community organizing in my early life

I think if people read stories about jesus

he was a community organizer/activist

from what I have read-

my Christmas writing link—-

anyway in doing I learned that

some community organizer/activists


-are adrenaline junkies and into action

at any cost at the expense of people they serve

-it is their job/career and their lives are a

360 spin otherwise

-are into power and glory at the expense of the people they serve

-are with the people they serve..side by side


it is hard work and can be discouraging at times

my experience doing activism/community organizing

has taught me that I can be that at/in  any place

for me just being myself I can be an agent of change

because I have done  do  and will continue to do

and I meet many wonderful people





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