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my body wants to move

December 29, 2015

WIN_20151228_170355I think our bodies want to move

that they are meant to move

in whatever way works

not a movement Nazi or an exercise freak

I just know for me when I do

it helps me relax

move better in my life

and movement releases endorphins

the happy chemical


I have experienced a variety

in this as an over 21 (and before too)

yoga-self taught initially as a stretching movement

dance with form or lack of there of

hiking-no teacher needed

pilates-teacher needed  short lived   I have the concept

walking- no teacher needed

going to the gym- combo of weights stretching  treadmill

climbing stairs- no coach  I am my own


sometimes I can be a slug

especially this time of year

i forgive my times of this


i can intuit and i do in terms of what is right for me

i guess why i like self direction

like i get to move the way i want and when

not how its  traditionally done

or this teacher or that

been there done that

there is no right way

a life lesson  as well


babies like to move

and are fun to watch how they do

over time

no one tells them how to

they just do sometimes with encouragement


how you like and  when you can







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