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we look back we look forward

January 1, 2016

yet all we have is now

I do it

and I see when I do it mostly

is trying to be present with what is

when it

looks sounds ugly

it is a constant practice and sometimes

I just cant do it

I have to go to a place of peace in my head

whether its a forest I have been in

or a pleasant memory

or perhaps thinking of a future without

the messed up

these are my coping mechanisms

and I wont deny them their place

yet I do want to be and try to be present

with what is in front of me

meditation for me just calms me for a second

I prefer not to sit

I sit all the time in my work

my meditation is an interactive and moving one

why start to be traditional now?

I don’t live on a mountaintop

where everything is peachy keen

I choose to live in the valley with

all people

anyway looking back over my year

the good the bad and the ugly

and dreaming for the coming year

already there is lots to look  forward to

sitting with the light of the candles and me

just perfect




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