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the personal is the political

January 8, 2016

what I think

yet I have been thinking

in reverse

like the political is the personal which

it ought to be but is not

so I let go of “the bern” because

he is the political but not the personal for me

another activist progressive white man

I have known many

I think the bern is in the activist rut

of big banks, corporations

why not look at the big photo

of social justice inequalities as well as race and gender

$15 an hour will not help that

the personal as political

is walking what I believe

its  daily political events for me as personal interactions

not one person representing or saying they do

good to see the difference

no savior, iconoclast or god

just everyday ones that I meet

once in awhile who never say

but are

being the change

not waiting for it




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