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January 13, 2016

thank you david bowie for inspiring the title

just thinking about  me and people and how we are

and how we come to be who we are

and if how we are always who we are

and if we can change who we are

and if we even know who we are

I have always felt a bit the outsider

in terms of my point of view on things

and how my brain processes things

and how I express myself

and what my core values reflect about

how I live my life

I know the dominant culture talk and walk

sometimes they are the same and sometimes

the talk is different than the walk or vice versa

I can do the dominant culture walk

I learned it early

yet I learned how to walk differently somewhere over time and I cannot

go back

and I know the dominant culture talk

though I now view it through a different filter

my filter

i know people who open to people who don’t fit in the box

of the dominant culture

and i know people who close to people who don’t fit in the box

i know a great many people of all kinds

who i hang with you can only guess

why would i want to hang with people

who are not open and receptive of who i am

my willingness to be unknowing

and not wanting to figure myself or other people out

and my direct communication

not unlike david bowies lyrics

that lay it all out there

and are never the same

I am not an alien as thought before

but I feel like I am living

in an alien-nation

as a feminist uber self

not bad hahahaaaahahaaaa







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