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no one gets out of here alive

January 21, 2016

quote from a former patient MD

to me it is about all the technology and testing

especially genetic testing

more tricky


a life well lived

everyone has their take on this

and so do I

there is no right or wrong

you are going to die

I am going to die

we are going to die

meantime what am I




to make our quality of life

the best I


we can

there are barriers to quality of life

for many due to circumstances beyond their control

such as health access, dollars, good food, good living conditions, and being believed

as well as the history of the medical establishment in usa

and the use of human beings as guinea pigs so to speak

without their consent

there is the fear

that interferes due to

D all of the above

to me in fear

there is no quality

fear to me in terms of

life and death

actually produces less quality

to have more quantity

but I ask

at what cost

not really to society

or the economy

I don’t care about that

as much as I care

about the cost to the individual

in terms of quality

but it is always a choice

respecting yours

and you get to respect mine

I wonder sometimes

as a species or whatever people

call people

what are we thinking

and why

curious always

and the poster in my kitchen

is a reminder to me of the possibilities

I have





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