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full moon in leo

January 22, 2016

soooo part of this whole schema of things in the sky now

is this

leo rules the heart and for me it is about being playful

my mercury is with leo and so

I like to play in communication

when I can

why not have fun

but also leo is about expression

like uninhibited expression

there is a lot of that going on always

by certain elements in the dominant culture

and certain people who always “know everything”

or take over with their physical expression

like all be damned except “for me”

the culture of violence

and for me not pleasant or inspiring


it does harm

for me now this full moon in leo feels like

I have come from a place of limited expression

due to outside forces from day 1

to a place of total expression

come as it may

and  a place of total comfort in expression

regardless of what the dominant culture

or outside influences have to say

grateful for opening the door

and crossing the threshold

I can never go back

y’all can spew your garbage

and critique

I don’t give a hoot




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