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January 25, 2016

break it down





and then there is language

in culture

slang phrases

generational patterns

and these are just a few

if one cannot break it down

so that another can understand

what good is it

I can say ambulate or I can say walk

I can say your femur is fractured

or I can say the big bone that is your upper leg is broken

yeah so professional to speak in a language

only understood by a few

who created this way

I prefer to speak in language

that my audience in my work and

on the street can understand


there is a barrier


much of my time is spent

asking questions

of people who don’t know how

are unconscious and

think everyone understands

their language

or who really don’t care about

if people don’t understand

their language or not

its all about them so poofy

like what are you saying

if one wants to make a connection

and communicate

there are ways

and to me a person/people who can do this

are where I want to be

break it down babies





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