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January 28, 2016

I know mine

its me

it is my home

it is my people close

it has taken me years to figure this


some have a home and go to

other places to seek this

they don’t want to be alone

some call their home their sanctuary

some don’t have a home or a place to call

a sanctuary

yet they might be like turtles

who carry theirs

on their backs

some churches say

they offer this

at what cost

those who accost

and some churches

are open and the real


some so called gurus form

communities that they

call sanctuary

it can look like a corporation, a  communal community inside

or outside a city, a spiritual community, a religious community, a yoga

community, a dance community so many

these are the most dangerous people

I can say because I know

too much propaganda

rape culture

cult like


at least I have found my own

I was never looking anyway






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