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January 30, 2016

having lived a good long life-

yes not an elder

but in my biz anytime lived is a good long life

learning and continuing to do so

I see how persona can impact

a persons life

for instance

the job of nursing

it is a job

some people say a calling

not me

I have examined the idea of

people calling me a nurse

and that to them is all I am

it is who I am

its like being a mother also

it is an identity that society gives a person

so why

so someone can ask me questions about

what I do for a living or if I have children

and put me in a box

I think not

women are more than this

and I think that society and culture

can do and will use this

and I see people in my sphere

thinking they are that

they are nurses and mothers

nothing more

but to me that is not true

we are beings


and it is easy to hear society and culture

say this is who you are and believe it

nothing more

like one is their illness

one is society women trope

one is a male football god

one is a male/female political god

I can go on

and it is more difficult and scary

to explode the box

and say this is who I am

I wont even get into mens game and

the whole entertainment field

too gruesome

who are you






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