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marijuana as a healing aid

February 1, 2016

so medical and recreational marijuana use

has come to pnw legal in some municipalities and pockets

I know the stoners from past

don’t really hang there

but I think this idea

of a plant as a healing aid is a return

to my grandmothers time

though it is a stretch for me

it is in alignment with

the healing power of plants

it seems daunting because

of the newness of the research on a grass roots

and there is the whole indica and sativa talk

I guess must be different families

anyway and the thc vs cbd thing- my interest

and because there is more data obtained

but I think not

released by government researchers

I digress

the real for me is my patients

and accessibility to alternate care

unfortunately western medicine

has not yet embraced plant medicine which is ironic because that is where all medicine comes and all the chemicals that labs create synthetically for pharma ( I mean who knows what in terms of if pharma even has their own lab-my belief they don’t- using college level learning institutions? funding the research- and shoving through fda before anyone knows

I am an advocate for patient choice and if a person has not been to doctors and they cannot justify medical marijuana on the western model, I think it is good people can find places and access information to find alternatives to relieve pain and suffering other than synthetic pharmaceuticals that cost a fortune without insurance. people can now access without a medical marijuana card here. I think it is a plant medicine worth considering.

wake up babies not everyone has insurance of health

if you do be grateful




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