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how does the saying go

February 4, 2016

2 in the hand is worth ….

nahhh nope

that’s not the one

oh its the serenity prayer

my take

do what you can and forget about the rest

and don’t stress


I can do in the daily

this in the microcosm

but in the macrocosm

I have more difficulty

forgeting about the rest

because honeys

it always comes down the road

and if one does not know it

one will not see it

and the macrocosm experience

is of course magnified

they are connected worlds big and small

I live in an alternate reality than most

because I don’t live in the big or small world exclusively

I live in both

and the don’t stress part is daily practice

of awareness

not having stress is not

an option for me

at least I try and make

nice with  it

being good with myself

speaking what needs to be said

and moving my body to get it out

because babies

if it gets stuck

it is affecting every aspect of my being


I do what I can and I don’t forget about the rest of us

and I don’t always make nice


rest and peace


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