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what plagues me

February 11, 2016

conquestors in whatever form

the plague

dengue fever



changing environments


all due to patriarchy

yet people do this

decisions made without insight


all of the above are at play now

in one way or another

in the public sphere

its a re do babies

destruction of habitats-agent orange, bulldozing cutting trees

then there is the neglect of infrastructure

flint MI so now but how many times we have heard about lead paint, now in the water. lead has many effects but a big one in my eyes is high blood pressure.

who has high blood pressure population wise?  brown and black  and or country folks without resources

the viruses

new or awakened are I think explained by patriarchy

the conquestors/mad men of things

It continues as a reminder

I think of who thinks they have control

disturbing the natural balance

but at least there is the grass roots

vs pharm and silicon valley and I expect

they will take advantage or try to

as always

and there will be screening of people in travel

and quarantine

worse case

given some states priorities

which wont do a darn thing

unless one know incubation period

and the period that one is infecting

or unless one has other ways of preventing

or healing

there are many

and violence well it has been perpetrated by patriarchy

to keep control people over ages

we can do this

but some people have to burn the man again

but not true

exalting penis

get into the vagina drive







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