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flipping it

February 17, 2016

not in real estate

or a dolphin, whale-yet

I do get amplified and angry

at peoples behaviors  expression

my impression

sometimes pretty messed up

and oppression

some more than others

the only way I can

really flip it is

seeing the people as babies

then looking at their adult selves

and poor behaviors

it does not change the situation

but it changes my view

I have had babies

I know some things

with some adult poor behaviors

I just used to walk away after

a time

I had babies I don’t want another

was me and grown male still babies

and cause I am valuable and so are my dreams and dollars

now I choose wisely

I say if people or situations are problematic

new phrases

“what you said was not helpful” among


and lastly “i just don’t have the time for that”

I still walk

but I may at least have a

conversation now

I am not here to be humble

or to crumble to a higher power

I am here to be me






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