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dis ease or be lie ve

February 26, 2016

WIN_20160221_141636it is so clear to me

inbred toxic food

filthy air

poison water

toxic culture


to remedy

there have been spawned

some harmful medications for

dis ease

I personally think synthetics are always risky

is there a person who cannot see

the correlations

if one looks at the systems

of education housing justice healthcare

food cultivation and distribution

and government

one can see a revolving door at the top levels

of players who are connected

in one way or another

for the common good

of profit

and in the ranks


I think

try and do their best at their jobs

if given the proper compensation

and support

its when one looks up the ladder

to the upper branches

that’s where people

make decisions based on

trends and numbers

ahem $$

and down the ladder

the people come after

though the jargon

is vice versa

so what to do

acknowledge it

the underbelly

it has being

grieve what comes

because the underbelly is ugly

and somehow

see the sweetness

of the rain

a flower

the potential



and feel the flow of your being

the balance

the ease

means 2 sides

not just 1

scales have 2 sides

I think about dis ease

I don’t be lie ve




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