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thoughts and words are things

March 4, 2016


they have power

to break a person down

build a person up

I choose mine wisely

its not for the SHOW

I prefer to build up because

it works better for me

I am good at it and its

fun and joyful

I prefer not to break a person down

because I have experienced

it only takes a second to do this

in the smaller and larger worlds

cults do this ahem

any group can be one with

the ‘master’

be careful because its about you

yet I have the know how

and I can and will do

my life is by any means necessary

in between thoughts


I mostly try and focus on being embodied

like not flying out

or being in my head

focusing and talking to my body

and listening

instead of my mind running

which it can

and has done

not a negative—the mind

and thoughts though some

be lie fs will say this

my mind does tells me things

that at times

in a split second

probably changed the course of my life

in a good way

and way past less good

at least I can learn

I know myself well

and I know who or what I want to listen to and the opposite

internally I can do it

external is the challenge

and I practice it daily

not living in shambala

or lalalalala land

I meet people daily

not a parochial provincial

I have known you for decades kind of thing

but an array of diverse human beings being themselves

living in many places in varied situations

that allow me to alter my thoughts and words

its called change babies




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