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part of her story

March 7, 2016

west philly

she lived there

briefly after college

she was a drift

not knowing  the future

it was an affordable section of the city

she lived with roommates

in a world she never lived in before

it was near extended family

she called people from a payphone

no money for a real one

it was tricky to get work

though she did temp work

by payphone she managed

it was a block away

near the big high school

she never lived in a place where

white people were the minority

she was unsure

still she would walk the streets just cause

and to catch the elevated

to work

sometimes she had to walk

a long ways

no one ever bothered her

yet some people were friendly

she worked

ate meagerly

and painted

she got pregnant

she had an abortion

it was not an easy choice

she could not support a new life

time was of the essence due to law

she watched the cockroaches

come out of the drain in the kitchen sink

after dark at times

she wondered

should she just keep the kitchen

light on as some did at night

to keep them away

she loved the row houses

it was working class and poor

so some were ok and some


she thought it

amazing that most people either

ignored her or were nice to her

no one was ever mean







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