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liberation vs apologies

March 10, 2016


I am not a prolific reader

though I do read a lot of articles

not so many books

I read about

questions  I have

I choose what I read

I do read fodder media

at times just cause

I like trash

but seriously

in what I read I choose to question

all of my foundations

lots of people read

for pleasure distraction to reinforce

their foundations

or as some men say

‘to kill time”

men D all of the above

sorry guys for you

not sure

but I digress

reading books I feel my foundations shift

or new ideas ways of doing

it is uncomfortable at times

yet liberating

not like being nude online or in public

but some people choose that road

and in this

my path

I am never what I was before

because I think differently

no apologies

so let go happens

of social and cultural circles

at least I know how to

and if we cant

learn this

in life

I don’t want to

see your death

for real

though not cause of you

and I may have to and others too






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