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March 11, 2016

people typically think of

mental illness

and mental health

on  an individual level

at least from my conversations

with people

yet there is a larger state of delusion

and some people totally miss this mark

so they don’t see it

the delusion of equality

the delusion of a fair and just system/systems

in the usa and worldwide

the delusion that if it is ignored

it does not exist

the delusion that one can work well

and achieve a dream nowadays

in an unequal systems

the delusion that the patriarchy is here for the good

of all

the delusion that rape culture does not exist

and the delusion that

oh that’s just the way life is

so accept it

oh honeys

I am looking through you

you don’t understand

well neither do I

but I know the larger picture

drizzles down

maybe now

is the crucible

for facing

D all of the above




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