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culture shift

March 12, 2016

is easier said

than done

I have seen people who

actually are more aware

and some who think they are

in this respect

since I have become awakened

to the culture in all aspects

though still learning

I have been looking at

what keeps the current culture alive

and as I see it

it is the notion that the culture

is A ok

and that’s the way things are

so deal

I have heard people

say as much

or they don’t understand

what I am talking about

I think people learn coping mechanisms

either physically, mentally

or emotionally

in order to cope with cultural toxicity

and they may look like

physical dis ease




mental break downs

over exercising


spiritual gurus-

who live on mountaintops

ok I have animosity towards people

who exploit others in a holy name-

you get my drift

I can only say

I am aware and have my coping

mechanisms too

but that aside

I have been changing

my language

the way I move in the culture

and my mental attitude

I just don’t accept what

is said or done anymore

as a given

I ask the hard questions

and I speak my mind

come what may

its refreshing

to me

to others well I don’t care

I am  now part of the creation

of the culture shift

in a good way





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