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March 20, 2016

is a loaded word for me

given the context and culture in which

I learned this as a WORD in practice

though it seemed more important

about the word

than the actual meaning

and practice

like it has to look a certain way

for me mindfulness

is being there in my body with all the comfortable

and the uncomfortable in life


yet I cannot help but think

of first nation people and other indigenous


and the concept of mindfulness

from my interactions with people

and what I have read

it seems to be a way of living

a skill that is not taught

by words

but by actions

I have done formal sitting meditations

in temples and other gatherings

and informal meditations

yet some people who say the M word

just like those who go to church

really don’t practice

mindfulness in their lives

like there is no connection between words, practice

and life

I prefer not to sit anymore

though I do from time to time

I prefer to listen to jazz

to walk it keeps me grounded

it does not matter if I talk or not

doing dishes


anything can be a meditation

if one lets it

I own my practice

and you get to own yours too

just don’t tell me how and what

I need to be mindful

if people would just unsew

their ears and listen more

I think that would be a great

mindfulness practice

and like a guy said on the jazz radio

as he was signing off

“be kind and don’t be a jerk”




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