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March 30, 2016

it happens

the earth is burning but

no one will say

south Carolina north Carolina

Oklahoma and

Arkansas big  time

fracking causing earthquakes

oil prices dropped

and Louisiana flooded


people being aggressive and violent

and others who just stand by

and watch

just like ferguson, Baltimore

but I digress

the coral reefs

turbulence as silicon valley

spreads it tentacles

I think they are like lex luther

in a way

womyn being pushed back

and yet hollaback

we live in turbulent times

unless one thinks

this is a joke

and some people do

so as i have read

you asleep bae

not everyone is

so grateful for that

but people get to choose

lex luther

wonder woman

a worker on the line

or some regular person

who has a heart

at least for me

don’t take it so seriously

its like a buzzfeed question

I get to make choices

no batman or superman





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