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what does rape culture actually feel, smell, sound like for those who are subjected to it, exploited by it

April 5, 2016

a friend on fb shared

this question

and it made me think—

rape culture sounds like

a reverberation in my whole life

once I recognized it

I noticed the voices most be lie ved

were not mine

I felt disconnected from my body

at times

rape culture feels

like eels and crocodiles

it feels like I am in a room

of surreal

it is loud

and I hear it on the radio

the web and on the street

the smell is that

of pheromones

and strong scents like axe and perfumes


rape culture sounds like

the message of

you are in control of you

until I say you are not

it feels like being on guard

all the time

it smells like sweat

rape culture sounds

like an angry man at a

bonnie raitt concert

when women choose to stand and dance

obstructing his view

it feels like him body checking women

to push them down

in response to that my voice came out loud

and I got bigger

and he got taken away

and so we danced






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