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avenues..i have reservations

April 25, 2016

there are  avenues

that don’t need reservations

and many places that call for

reservations but

don’t have many avenues

I have looked at the world

of travel

I have done a lot

though it felt blah

I feel like I am

just there to see a show

like as in a play

there can be narrators

but I don’t think

it is real

as in theater

its all about location


and presentation

and then

there are the avenues

I know well and

where there

may be a tentative reservation

because ones breath

could be their last

and/or my words can fall on

deaf ears

yet I may learn more

from traveling locally

when I take a different

avenue that I don’t know

when I know avenues well

rather than relying

on what is common

in dominant culture

or my daily routine

cause dominant culture

thrives on routine

without thought

I think






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