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June 8, 2016

as an arm of the patriarchy

to keep the status quo

in terms of gender




the usa was founded

as a patriarchal system

by white men who were


the rest had no rights

I recall learning about


as a tool of oppression

at a young age

when I was in elementary school

I would try and pick out my

clothes when shopping

but it was told to me

I could not pick out

my clothes because what would people think

if I wore what I wanted

instead of what society thought was proper

as young as 12 I could

tell that school history books only

had men in them

I had male friends and I used to hang

out with them on street corners

we would talk and laugh

yet it was thought improper

of me to do this

my parents were worried

what people would think of me

just a girl

hanging out with a group of boys

I have brother 1 year older

he got to go out when he wanted and had

a curfew that was much later than mine

and when I asked why

the answer was

because I was a girl

I could go on and on

and so I learned to break rules

so I could do what I wanted


I was beholden to some sense

of societies entitlement

as to how I should dress

behave and who my acquaintances

ought to be

I used to do a cost benefit analysis

as to the benefit of breaking particular rules

because there were always consequences

and I knew this

I continued this line of thinking when

I had my babies

in that I allowed them

with some guidelines to choose

granted they were boys

but even boys need a chance to be free

in their dress

choice of company

and behavior

I educated them on what

was really valuable

in society and

what was just a bunch of

made up malarkey

they have figured out

their path without me

creating it for them

and I think they and society

are better for

who they have become

hopefully more people

will take off the rose

colored glasses

and have a real look




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