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June 14, 2016

is a form of control

another arm of the patriarchy

it seems that violence

if not addressed on a

local basis can escalate either

locally nationally

or internationally

people talk about gun control and while

I agree on this

it does not address

the root cause of


and is like

putting a band aid

on a gaping wound

for people who experience this daily

I think we live in cultures

that glorify violence

as being “manly”

and I beg to differ with

this notion

there is nothing “manly’

about violence

violence transcends

race gender

class and religion

taking a good look at the roots

of violence and asking

the hard questions

may be more helpful and

lead to broader discussions

and perhaps some truth

but alas

some people I know

would rather

“don’t worry be happy”

and avoid these discussions

I hope its working for them

it is not helpful for me

denial is a coping mechanism

after all

think about it





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