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July 1, 2016

the magic number

I have actually changed

residences at least this

many times

since my inception

not everyone has this

opportunity or experience

and in that I am

sort of settled for now

(but not sure)

I am learning about

provincial and parochial



who knows

its like meeting the same people

over and over as in the matrix

its like mayberry

its like living in a city where

the tech community is taking hold

yet they cannot communicate

except on keyboards

its like only some people

included in the algorithm

hahahaaa the new lingo

in my biz it means a recipe so

we can serve people easily in terms of comfort

in the matrix it means something

entirely different

but I digress

if people cant even step outside

the home they lived in for 30 years

cause of fear

if people have to have guns


that’s their family

if people think they are in control

because of territorialism

maybe y’all need to take a road trip

get outside the comfort zone of you

that’s the only way change happens

that I know of


and I did different for my babies

like a juxtaposition

I wanted them to experience

some kind of physical and spatial


without a whole lot of change

in that there were some changes

yet a lot of strong relationships

were forged

and I think it has been a good for them

I cannot tell

its not my story really

my babies paths are their own

as men

we have all been somewhere

just don’t tell me where I have been

thank you



there’s a lot to be bought on amazon






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