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the marketplace of healthcare

July 1, 2016



I never thought I would see the day

is this awesome

or what

I would say or what




is this really healthcare

or are they tools

to make money off of peoples


to me true healthcare is


people focused

and individualised

its how I do

it is not market driven

driven by insurance or technology

healthcare is not like making an auto

on an assemblyline

it is nuanced

and requires education

empathy and practice

yet people have become commodities

as much as autos are

so sad

I went into this arena

thinking it was the least

harmful thing I could do

in this world

and now with the healthcare marketplace

I am not sure

my hands and my work

have become constrained

by a marketplace

that does not value all people

and I see in this the mirror

of society and culture in USA

as a whole

I think that all people will not be healthy

until there is a recognition

of dis parity in society

and culture

no amount of medical research or tech tools

will cure the ills that are upon us



inspired by many and today reading the cases brought

against Michael katze   at University of Washington






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