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2 women go to a car dealership

July 5, 2016

one black though really mestizos

and one white

one pregnant due soon

one a grandma to be

first time sort of ok

cars good not buying this time

yet in response the white dude

seems like whatever

like he does not need

our business

totally not engaged

second time around

better sales guy

he is not white

new knows his stuff

and is regular like

able to check in with what is

honest until we came to meet

the manager guy

trying to sell my friend

I say us cause I am the sidekick

I like that word


why does he want to sell her/us what we are

not clearly asking for

its called gaslighting

and trying to turn a conversation about

she/us to his advantage by

asking open ended questions about what

I and she had no idea


nothing but that

after it was clearly spoken

about what was wanted

it did not turn out well for them

and then the audacity of the

financial dude saying he was all proud of the

what he did

which was crap

together we are strong

and talked about this privately

and despite the facade

we have the power of

our voices

and our dollars

I get this game and playing

my cards

we left


but clearly with

our sense of self




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