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so with what is…what is next

July 10, 2016

its been a week

for me

as a person who

sees the larger picture

and the smaller one

how many more times will people

be murdered stopped

harassed because some

people are awarded or take

more power over others

I was able to see the new black fest’s


with 7 writers and their testaments

presented by the august Wilson

red door project

it was difficult to behold the testaments

yet it was healing

the best part was the

after dialogue among the writers

and the audience

my takeaways

from the stories

testaments  and people   who just like to talk

is the smaller picture begins with me

how I walk in the world with the

baggage I have been handed


and this can be changed

the larger picture

of institutions built

from and on old models

of slavery

and in that

people filling the same roles

as always in those institutions

and the perpetuation of slavery mentality

fear as a motivator vs


anger and the

acknowledgement of it

as a productive feeling

that can lead to change


the feeling of the need

to de escalate

to be able to have a conversation

and are anger and de escalation

mutually exclusive

this is all I have for now

and more will come up





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