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my dreams

August 10, 2016

I daydream for sure

and that is something

I work on

like it is productive for me

sleepy time dreaming

is soo different for me

but just as informative

I like flying dreams

I have had a couple few

recently I had a dream that

well the vehicle was the same

but there was a different outcome

as it happens

I have had a few dreams

where I veer off of a bridge

in a car and in the dream

I am relaxed

but curious

like its gonna be ok

and it is

last night I had

a dream like that

but I was not


a male companion was

the vehicle veered right off

a left turning

highway over a waterway

it seemed high up

and it was dreamlike

in the dream

if that makes any sense

and I was calm but curious

we landed in a spot near land

with just a splash

walking out of the water

and onto land….

sometimes I like my sleepy dreams but they inspire

and cultivate my day time dreams and my life

no drugs needed







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