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city life

August 16, 2016

is a new thing for me

even after living over 7 years

in a small town city

now overgrown with duplicitous


in the silicon forest

and the hipsters

these changes do not

suit me or

others living here

I have had brief stints

in cities such as philly, worcester

but the rest of my growth

spent in rural or suburbia

not according to my will

but according to circumstances

beyond my control

I like this city

I have lived in a variety of neighborhoods

yet I still want to be in the places


homogeny is overrated

at least for me

I may just go back into

the neighborhoods

of diversity

not the gentrified

which would defeat

the purpose

but into a place where innocent

people have been shoved

yes there is drug use and crime

but in the foofey neighborhoods

there is drug use


and white collar crimes

I will take my chances

as I always do

I have more fear in homogeny

than diversity





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