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full circle

August 17, 2016

I never know

though I think I do

I have been thinking of returning to school in the past


I thought I knew what I needed


and then there was a snafu with the institution

and I was not going to go the extra mile

for their sake

though one could say it was for mine

I did not think it was for mine

so I let it slide

then in the past month an idea

popped into my mind

just at random

when I first began my nursing career

I guess one would say career

though I don’t think of it that way


I was at a county hospital

a teaching facility

working on a ‘ward’

with people who had orthopedic infections

most required wound care

some 2-3 times daily

I learned quite a bit

and this has translated

into how I do my work now

in a different capacity

and it clicked recently that

I want to return to doing

this wound care work

there is now a specialty

for nurses

the opportunity to do something


yet the same

for me seems perfect

and in this

perhaps I can include what I have learned

in aromatherapy

and meld the past

with the present

and the future

wish me luck





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