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its all about food

August 28, 2016

or lack there of in certain regions

due to drought floods pestilence or just plain corruption at higher levels

there are some who think that gmo foods

will feed the world and I may say at their


there is another school of tech food

who I may say I have questions about

all around

who have invented soylent

to cure the world

at their profit

oh their little worlds


people continue to grow

food in gardens in their

backyards in community

there are also bonuses

such as the apple trees on my street

where apples fall and no one cares

but I gather them for applesauce

there is food good food

without sprays gmo

or drinking soylent

I know soylent is a dude food

so lets just say that

I prefer food I can taste

smell and enjoy in the preparation

the colors

and the eating

and sometimes sharing

I am not a foodie

but I enjoy food

soylent is for the ensure or boost generation

which I may attain or not

its not for me now

and gmo

well that’s a political ball

being tossed around

like so many items

like epipens

we shall see


I can

because I can










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