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time space energy

September 17, 2016

I think they are  all one

only at moments

mostly they are functions of themselves

but at least totally

inter related

for example

someone I know witnessed

a person choking

thinking they were dying

granted they are elder


after the fact it is known

that her son died

the witness from not usa culture

referred to this as

an experience we can have in common

so then there is energy put out

I do it in time

but time is just really a function

of space

someone has to measure it


in space there is no time

only my work clock


energy put out does

not always equal

energy return at the time

unless one believes in this

and it looks like money to many

so my take is I put out my energy

just walking

not always trying

because life is trying

just walking and

seeing what happens

I do give receive take

but it may not look like that

to some

it is an equal exchange of energy and space

in my rules

time well

it catches us up

and energy put out may come back

to bite many years later

or it may come back years later

as a gift

getting my take on this

heard too many others


do it






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