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September 20, 2016

I am a language geek

not by trade

but just trying

to understand


and what people try to express

it is daunting to me

like the difference between saying

I have diabetes

or I am a diabetic

or my blood sugar needs watching


I am feeling depressed

I am depressed

or I have depression

some phrases suggest

that the person is the illness

the I am

other phrases suggest that

one is owner ie having

the illness

I prefer to think in less

medical terms

and in more

human terms

I am me

my body may need healing

from time to time

a temporary situation

or maybe ongoing

maintenance situation

but the rest of my body is good

there is a mind body connection


and how language is used

is important

if it is used with thought

and reflection

I think it can change healthcare

POV as well as outcomes

I don’t think biomarkers are the future

I think an entire

well at least 180 degree change is needed

in minds

happy healing





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