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no I never cared about your ass

October 15, 2016

like men have told me

about mine

I never cared about mens bodies

like that

I guess they do–their ding dongs

yet I have had to endure

comments about my body

from who ever

who do guys think they are

I don’t know

I only know I have come a long way

and I am not going

back into

the cesspool

I have allies and support

trying to create more

for others who are

only a piece of meat to some

and the thing is there are good guys

i know

who are inspiring other guys

and more support is needed in

this area

women are not here

to do all the work

in terms of changing culture and society

get with it dudes

don’t splain us and

don’t boast

cause you all have a long way to go

so get going





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