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why am I here

October 29, 2016

I don’t know really

I  think I am here to learn and share what I learn

and know

I have had experiences where

people I have met say this

but are really just wolves in sheeps clothing

meaning that people do want to share what they

have learned but

there is a price to pay

and it can be steep in terms

of money

or in terms of sacrificing

what I believe and who I am

water under the bridge

I call it live and learn

I am more aware of people

who are indeed wolves

-not to disparage the species

and in this I try to make

other people aware of wolves

because no one told me about

these kind of people

and I

have moved forward

in a different way

a way where I learn

and share with like minded

people and my family


my family of origin could care less

and that’s their game

not mine

I am here to share and learn

in little red riding hood

I guess this story is not just

a story

but supposed to be a learning

I got it

I know why I am here

I am down with

me and mine

I am not stupid






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