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what matters?

October 30, 2016

I wrote the following years ago and just found it today

it was written on an envelope

there was no title….


she felt embossed

by the weight of the words

so heavy they were

and impressing upon her

and she wondered

how did this become so

how did the words

become the ones

that carry the weight

for she never saw this before

before she knew it was the action

not the word that was

what was impressed upon her

and she watched and saw

the actions and she knew

what to do

then came a time

when she was told

it is the intention that carries

the weight

do not mind the words or

the actions she was told

be mindful of the intention

for that is where the true

weight lies

and so she asked questions

and found this to be true

she did not understand why

why the weight of the words

what was in these combinations of letters

that proved so impressing to her

she loved words

and loved to write

perhaps this is it

she thought

however she did not

speak much

and now perhaps

she knows why she does

not speak much and

she thought this a flaw

when in actuality

she thinks it is a gift

and now she knows intention is everything

and that words are just words

and actions are just actions

ask the questions then be







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