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November 1, 2016

predictability vs unknown

stasis vs flow

I can say I have learned to go

with the flow

and I am that kind of person

that is in MY world

and life

I think it happened when

I had my babies

with babies at least for me

I had to go with their flow

and my flow

and make it work for us

regardless of outside demands

that does not mean a lack of accountability

and that is a whole other topic

rigidity and planning have not been

my strong suits

why plan when in a nanosecond

anything and everything can change

some people I know do not like this

they like predictability, certainty and stasis

I think I have an easier time with

change because of my experiences

and I don’t become fearful

or explode or implode

if things don’t go according to plan

it is what it is

and when this happens

I change the plan

its way easier on me and mine

than being fixated on something

that is not happening

and does not exist

in this time of change

I hope people get this

if not now

maybe someday















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